Rock painting

We did these a few months ago now.
But with all the rain we've been having of late I've been thinking about rainy day activites.
I thought I'd share these in case you're having a rainy day with small people in the house.

Liam really enjoyed this activity.
He helped me collect the rocks from outside.
And he chose which colour each rock would be.
Brushing the paint on.
Washing the brush between each colour.
Letting them dry, then turning them over and brushing the other sides.

They have been played with lots too. Carried around. Put in things. Taken out again.
Isla likes to put them down her shirt.
The other morning when I changed her nappy she had one sitting in the top of her nappy. She'd slept on it all night! She's obviously not a princess (isn't this gorgeous).

We also did these ones.
Liam chose the kinda wonky rock on the left.


Gillian said...

Great idea. Simple but fun and easy. I'll keep it in mind for our next rainy day (sure to be not too far away...)

Ange said...

ooh, nice idea. Sweeney's got quite a collection of rocks and stones and goodness-knows-what-else that look like rocks and stones. And he likes ladybirds, too ...

kimberlee said...

this was one of my fav activities as a child too!

Anonymous said...

I love these rocks - tell Liam I want one for a present and to keep it for me when I see him for his birthday. love GG

bylittlehands said...

We painted some rocks the other day also. We turned them into markers for our garden.

Anonymous said...
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