It's a baby whale!


We thought it looked quite big for a dolphin. But it had a long nose like a dolphin.
It's a baby Gray's Beaked whale.

It's New Zealand's rarest whale and they are normally shy and very rarely seen.
The Conservation Department says it's a baby of suckling age that appears to have lost it's mother. They say that it seems happy enough and is uninjured but it is very unusual for it to be here. They are keeping a close eye on it and if it loses condition they will try and relocate it to deep water.

Apparently it has been here for a fortnight already and seems to enjoy swimming around a little pontoon in the bay, especially when there are children on the pontoon. And it is now swimming quite close to people (which you can see from the photo I took).

I feel even more lucky to have seen it now.
We might go down again in the weekend and see if it is still there so Aaron can see it.


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kimberlee said...

i keep forgetting about your wonderful blog! and then I come back to it and go, gosh, I have really been missing something good.

mind if I add you to my blog roll thingie?


Our Green Nest said...

That's so cool!!! How neat. Poor thing lost its mother though :(!