To do lists

I have a long one at the moment.
No doubt you do too?
It's that time of the year isn't it.
I always leave things to the last minute.
I knew what Christmas gifts I wanted to make ages ago.
But of course I didn't make them ages ago.
My sewing machine is getting a good work out this week.
My plan is to fool myself that it is Christmas this weekend.
So I'll get everything finished by Friday.
Do you think it will work?

I can't show you what I've acheived yet as it will ruin surprises.
Well actually I can show you part of Isla's present (the bit that's finished) and my niece's present as neither of them read my blog.

This is the pram I found at the opp shop for Isla. I love this. I recovered the mattress with some fabric from a pretty flannel sheet.
I think Liam is going to claim this as his own as he pushed it around the opp shop then wrangled it out of the back of the car when we got home and filled it with all his tools and toys.
And I made this tutu for my niece Evelyn.

If you feel inclined to make one there are some great tutorials online. This is the one I used. Leah has been so kind as to share how she makes hers. If you don't want to make one, you can always buy one of her beautiful creations. You can see them here.

So anyway, must get back to the list. You might not hear from me for a few more days.
Oh except we've had some shop updates which I should post about. Maybe tomorrow if I have time.


Sally Anne said...

Oh that dear little pram is so sweet and I love the tutu.Good luck with all the sewing and the time management. Have a wonderful Christmas Hanna!

Our Green Nest said...

That pram is adorable! and the tutu is so cute! YES, lots on our to-do list as well!

busygnomes said...

LOVE the pram, I wish we had good opp shops in Ballarat, Alice would love a cane pram.

Anonymous said...

I love the little pram! And the tu-tu is soo cute, Gee little girls are fun, I just dont think my boys would like a tu-tu for christmas, especially not Kalem!

Amy said...

Best of luck with the list. I adore that pram too.

Stacey said...

I've been deperate to find a little wicker pram for my little girl who is learning to walk. There are a few like this that I have seen, but they are never in very good condition, and usually very expensive.

Stacey said...

The pram is just lovely! I like that it is a neutral colour.

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