Shop update

A few new things have made their way to the shop in the last wee while.
So I thought I should introduce them here.

We have two little sets of birds. (Like the ones Isla got for her birthday).

One set is already flittering their way to a new home, the remaining set have little wool felt eyes instead of buttons.

This little rabbit is lolling about waiting for a new home. Isla has one of these on the way for Christmas (just right for pushing around in a new pram).

And my sister Frith has made these gorgeous placemats (which I think would actually look quite nice on my table!).

And some neat snakes made from old silk ties. Cool huh. Their ambition in life is to stop windy drafts coming in under doors.

So we have managed to squeeze in a bit of time for the shop in amongst all the Christmassy making and doing. And there will be more on the way in a little bit.
Keep your eye out for some very cool shopping bags from Frith which I am quite excited about.


mee said...

I can vouch for the snakes-they are very 'striking' ('xuse pun!)I have one protecting my lounge from draughts as we speak! and those bags...well wait till you see them-I've already put in my order!

melissa said...

everything is gorgeous! love those snakes- such a handy thing in a drafty n.z. house.
happy christmas to you and your family! x