Busy creating

Liam was bored yesterday, really bored, he was in one of those mischief making moods, to put it nicely!
So some serious distraction/entertainment was called for.
I pulled out all the baking bits and pieces and set them out on the table, he added a few bags and containers that he thought we needed.
I measured out all the ingredients, he emptied them into the bowl.
I showed him how to stir it all without loosing too much on the floor, he stirred it all up without loosing too much on the floor.

I kneaded it, he kneaded it.

I showed him how to roll it out, he called it playdough.
I cut out circles, he put them on the tray. As well as a lot of mess this is what we ended up with

Polenta cookies. They're interesting, and not necessarily good interesting. Aaron likes them but I think they're kind of gritty, just a little too reminiscent of sand for me. The recipe made a lot too, so we have a lot of gritty kind of sandy biscuits to get through. This is proof at least that not everything I make is yum (Aaron was hassling me about my baking skiting).

And um yes, more proof. These ones we kind of forgot about.

While we were waiting for our biscuits to cook we made some more mess and had our first proper go at painting. Why have I not done this earlier? He loved it! Look at the concentration on that face.

We will be doing that again soon. ( The painting that is, not the polenta cookies).


Anonymous said...

Liam looks as though he is having fun, maybe he will take after his great-great grandmother and become an great artist.
Yuk those biscuits sound gross, it reminds me of the sound of mixing conrcete in a wheelbarrow! argh! xx

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you'll be moving out into the garden if Liam starts 'loosening up' his painting style!
I bet the birds would love your polenta cookies! Thats what I do with any 'disasters'- burnt toast, stale loaf, crusts-too-hard-to-chew-with-false-teeth! Open window, stand back, chuck onto lawn.I even have a 'pet'sparrow who sits in the weeping maple right outside kithen window, peering in, head on one side-who can resist?! She even gets the odd 'good' tucker!