Buying and selling

We have just bought ourselves a kitchen. Which may seem a little strange since we already have a kitchen and don't exactly have any space for a second one. We've been browsing TradeMe on and off for the last few months and last week lo and behold the perfect kitchen appeared, and now it's ours.

The plan in the works is to add on to the side of our house, we're just hoping the bank agrees with us that it should be sooner rather than later - especially since we now have a kitchen! - and a front door - and 7 lovely rimu internal doors - and last night Aaron was looking at carpet. I think our little storage shed is going to need a clean out next weekend to make some space!
We are planning on using recycled materials as much as possible and we will be doing a lot of the work ourselves. It's going to be a real challenge but I'm so looking forward to it.

Here is a picture of part of the kitchen, it doesn't come with the bench top but that's fine as I wanted a wooden benchtop anyway.

So that's the buying bit, and here's the selling bit.
A new wee dress (finally) finished for the shop. I made one of these for Isla a while ago and it looks so sweet on her and she gets lots of comments on it. She wears hers with a long sleeved top and trousers underneath. The fabric I found at the opp shop.

I often 'trial' my ideas on the kids, they get to wear all the prototypes and then I make any adjustments that are needed before making one for the shop. It works quite well really.

And a bit more selling... I sold one of my reversible jackets yesterday, yay! Isla also has one of these and it's nearly too small for her fat little tummy now! I might just have to make another in a bigger size I think.

All wrapped up and ready to post out today. I love the idea that another sweet wee smiling pretty little girl will be wearing this soon.

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like your 'wrapping paper'.