New couches

A really really giant parcel arrived yesterday, too big to fit under the Christmas tree. Our new couch! A Christmas present from us to us.

I think the kids were more excited about the giant box.

I've been on the hunt for another sofa for quite a while now. I had my heart set on a green velvet couch, I've always wanted one. But who knew it would be such a mission to find one in little old New Zealand! I went down every avenue you can imagine. Basically in the end it was just a bit too hard, perhaps if I had more time, and didn't have two children in tow everywhere I went I may have persisted longer.
I came across this new sofa during my sofa hunting mission and it ticked enough boxes for me to be happy about giving up on my green sofa quest.
I like the modern, simple Scandinavian styling, I like the neutral grey fabric, I love the wood detail around the bottom and that it's oak so it ties in with the flooring and also our dining table.

We had been living with our old black leather sofas for far too long and they desperately needed replacing. They were all saggy and the cushions were always falling off, not comfy at all. We bought them second hand about 10 years ago for only $200 so they had served us well but they were well and truly ready to retire.

We bought the grey leather couch recently off Trade Me and it's SO COMFORTABLE. It's only a few months old, the people selling it had brought it home and discovered it was a bit too big to fit into their lounge so we got ourselves a bargain.

It's looking so much tidier and fresher without those big black monsters in the room.
Because the leather couch is chunky though I do feel like I could do with a chunky heavy side table beside the oak couch to kind of visually balance it out. Do you think? A nice wooden stump one would be great (see my favourites for Friday post). Or I've always loved the Eames stools, bit out of my price range though, (I'm sure Freedom furniture used to do one similar, but I can't see them on their website now). But anyway, not spending any more money at the moment! Might have to have a look at my fabric stash though and make some nice new cushions :). And I've just had a light bulb moment now imagining some nice green velvet bean bags! ooh yes, that would be a lovely way to get my green velvet fix!


Mee said...

Very nice indeed! Funny, i saw a green velvet cushion in town the other day and thought "hmmm". but it wasn't that perfect green! Welll, your chunky stump side table may be with you for christmas. Have Taleb coming to stay and the chainsaw will be roaring.... ;)

Peter said...

I love your blog especially this article. I'm glad you managed to find a sofa that you and your family like. It looks great. Your kids and cat look like they are having a fun time playing in the box. It's funny how kids always like to play with boxes rather then whats inside them.

Peter @ Colourlock