Isla's dance show

Isla had her end of year show over the weekend, she had SUCH a good time, it seems she is a natural performer, no nerves whatsoever, and she just puts all her energy into it.
For her ballet she was a gem stone, and for jazz she was a fish.

The photos I managed to snap are not the greatest, but they had professional photographers taking pictures so I knew I could order theirs.


It was a very long day as she performed in two shows, a lunch time show and an evening show, and she didn't get into bed until about 10.30pm. She was all teary and sad when she finally got into bed and she managed to tell me, all choked up and holding back the tears, that she wished she hadn't had her show today. I was somewhat surprised as I knew how much she had enjoyed it! - turned out she was sad because it was all over! And she said she was going to miss Alicia her teacher (we don't start dancing again until January). But she is very excited because next year she goes up a grade and gets to wear the big girl ballet shoes with ribbons instead of elastic :)

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Mee said...

Gorgeous! What will next year bring in the world of dance for Isla I wonder....?