Nature mobile

This was a fun little project to do with the kids.
One that we will definately be doing again.

I had a piece of driftwood lying around that we had collected some time ago.
I sent the kids out into the garden with a little bucket to collect some leaves. They did a really good job of collecting leaves and came back with a VERY full bucket - which made a lot of mess, but hey, nothing a vacuum cleaner can't fix in a jiffy.

We chose some bright colourful strings to hang our leaves and they helped me choose which which leaves to hang.

The leaves had little holes in them already so they were perfectly suited for mobile making.

Then we hung the mobile in Liam's room and had lots of fun taking photos of it.

Liam enjoyed having this hanging in his room and studying the leaves.
It lasted a few weeks until one by one the leaves dissapeared.
We still have the stick with the strings attached so we might make another mobile now with some of his treasures that he has collected from the beach.
*The tiles on the wall are canvases covered with pictures from old children's books. Another fun and simple project.*


Mary Beth said...

I just love this craft and am super-inspired by it. I will be looking for the perfect piece of driftwood on our next beach visit. I love the colored yarns as well. And what can you tell me about those little fabric tiles on the wall?

Anonymous said...

What a great idea - so simple, so ecofriendly, so inexpensive, so sense stimulating, so attractive, so creative - its got it all.
love the photo with Liam climbing the wall so intent on studying it.
PS no luck with the scarf buying - will do it with you.Told me email address was already in use - ddddddrrrr?
Love gg

kimberlee said...

this is such a great project! I am going to use this idea someday. Also very beautiful photography as usual :)

Cut&Alter said...

What a lovely idea - easy for the children to do and looks so pretty at the end. x

Cut&Alter said...

PS Just given you a little bloggy award over on my blog ..

Our Green Nest said...

I love this! What are those adorable paintings or prints in the one shot? I love those.

gardenmama said...

What a beautiful project! We made driftwood/painted shell mobiles last summer and after our island time, I have more treasure stashed away that is calling to be made into a mobile ; ) I love the multi-colored string you used. Your home looks so cozy and inviting!

Unknown said...

your blog is so sweet and full of great ideas! this is just one of the many that i plan on "borrowing" :)

his face examining the leaves is priceless! the colored yarn was a great touch and i have to agree that your home with those incredible wood floors looks so cozy!

Jac said...

Such a cute idea! I love driftwood and this is a lovely use for it.

Unknown said...

LOL this is so cute.

hanna said...

Thankyou people :o)
Our green nest - The tiles on the wall are canvases covered with pictures from old children's books.

Lily Boot said...

that is really lovely - my child is so much older but I think she would really enjoy doing this - and a lovely way of introducing the season to the home - as well as picnics, walks on the beach etc. Simple and quick - means it will get done.