What will today bring?

I would rather sleep in. But if I am up I do enjoy the stillness of the early morning. As the day awakens and stretches and rubs it's sleepy eyes. And the birds go about their daily ritual of morning greetings, sharing their plans for the day, and discussing what they dreamed about in the night. That's what I imagine they're talking about.


gardenmama said...

Early morning is certainly a beautiful and contemplative time. Not only a time for awakening from sleep but also the awakening of creativity for the new day ahead! And yes, I agree us mamas sure do need our early morning sleep too hehe ; )

Jac said...

I totally understand what you mean, I would also rather sleep in but there is something lovely and still about early morning that is such a nice start to the day!

christina said...

This is a beautiful, beautiful post.