Happy Birthday Liam!

Liam turned three on Sunday.
Three! My baby boy is three!
On Saturday we went to Kelly Tarlton's and on Sunday we had presents, happy birthday singing, and cake eating.
Aaron's mum came from Australia to stay and my Dad came visiting with one of my nephews.
Liam had so much fun and was so worn out after it all. The boy, who rarely has afternoon naps now, slept for over 4 hours yesterday afternoon!
Thankyou everyone for your lovely pressies and your love and cuddles and happy birthday wishes.

Liam LOVED Kelly Tarlton's and didn't want to leave.
But the sharks were a bit 'gearey' (scarey).
I was kind of freaked out by the stingrays. I can't believe how huge these things are!
I'll show some better pictures of the cake tomorrow and a couple of other things I made.


BellaBree said...

happy birthday big three year old Liam!! Being 3 really rocks....you;ll love it!

Mary Beth said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! I adore his birthday crown and that cake! And what a wonderful looking aquarium!

Heart Felt said...

A delicious three year old boy....doesn't get any better than that...happy birthday! xx

Our Green Nest said...

Happy birthday little one! YES I want to see more -that cake looks incredible!

dottie angel said...

how lovely that you should find me, so that i then find you!
happy birthday to your wee fellow! aaah, those days are so long gone for me and my little ones. what a great age to be :)

your etsy shop is full of delights! i have totally fallen for your clothing for little ones...

thanks for visiting me and it's been lovely to visit with you :)

Tif :)

Unknown said...

how precious and happy birthday to your little man! looks like it was a beautiful day at the aquarium. my daughter is only 10 months but is totally fascinated with aquariums. isn't is amazing watching their little eyes soak it all in?

melissa said...

happy birthday liam! three i such a great age. i love the look of your cake!

Cut&Alter said...

Looks like you had a great day - I love Kelly Tarltons and can't wait to take my girls there one day.xx

gardenmama said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY little one!!! ahem I mean big boy three year old! I have a three year old too : )
Yikes, that stingray is a bit freaky floating there. That is one thing as much as you know I love the ocean I don't like what is swimming around me that I can not see! I'm with Liam sharks are gearey! I love the last photo, your hats are super cute : )