Birthday handmades

This is the cake I made for Liam's birthday.

Wholemeal carrot cake with cream cheese icing.

It's a snail if you can't tell. Liam's really into snails, he likes collecting them from the garden.
I made a little Liam peg boy candle holder for the top.
(Inspired by these at The Small Object).
Fun to make. I will make Isla one too for her birthday celebrations.

I also made him a birthday crown, which he wore briefly. Maybe next year he'll be more into wearing it.

I've been saving this sweet vintage trim for just the right project.
I like the idea of these keepsake items that will be stored away and bought out each year for special birthday celebrations.

Part of his birthday present from us was a painting apron. He is really enjoying drawing and colouring at the moment, I kind of prefer him to draw and colour with his pens and pencils rather than getting out the messy paints. But he does love painting so we should do it more. Hopefully the apron will help to keep the mess a little more under control.
I made one for Isla too because I knew she'd want to join in.
Aaron's mum bought him an easel for his birthday and we've already used it for a painting session. The kids loved it. I forgot to take a picture of the aprons before they were used.


Anonymous said...

I Love his cake, looks better than the ones in the books! And his wee candle man, sooo cool, and whats more you made it, you clever lass!

Jo's Place said...

Love the cake, very cool

Rennae said...

It's all just beautiful. My 3 year old would love that cake, he is really into snails and rainbows right now.

Our Green Nest said...

That cake is so beautiful!!! LOVE it!!!!

Annej said...

Your blog is wonderful and you are so talented. I was just wondering where you got the wooden peg from? I've been looking for some to make Christmas decorations out of.

hanna said...

thanks for your sweet comments everyone.
Annej - the wooden pegs came from the $2 shop. I cut this one to make it shorter and drilled a hole in the top.

Cut&Alter said...

What a whole load of handmade loveliness!!! I love the idea of the birthday crown too - I think I will have to make one for Maia this year because I didn't get round to it last time! xx

Heart Felt said...

What a great cake. It's Sadie's birthday soon and Charlie has told me he is going to make her a chocolate cake with icing and cherries on top!

Kimberlee and Lies said...

The cake, the cake! Happy Bday lovely boy. Great gift those aprons and the easel!
X Lies

busygnomes said...

Happy Birthday Liam, your cake looks delicious, and very cute. My boys have birthday crowns which they love, I did see a gorgeous knitted crown and thought that would make a great crown for a little girl.
Three, such a lovely age.

gardenmama said...

The cake is amazing! love, love it! You rock mama : )
You are amazingly talented, I love the crown and aprons! I also love taking out the birthday crowns and wooden people I painted at their birthdays, it is always something precious to remember each year!

christina said...

This cake is just lovely. What an awesome candle too. I agree, being able to take out the birthday keepsakes each year has meant so much to our family.
: )

taisa said...

That cake is incredible. And I love the vintage trim on the crown! Did you follow a pattern or tutorial for the painting aprons? I am hoping to make a few of these and this design looks like a nice one.

Jac said...

Yum! This is the most delicious snail I've ever seen! Such a perfect cake, my mouth is watering now!