Crafty Kin turned one

And I didn't even make a cake, or sing happy birthday. In fact I didn't even remember! It was last friday a year ago that I started out on this little blog adventure. And what fun it has been. It really has helped me to slow down in my days and notice and appreciate some of the little things - which was kind of my intention.
And the best thing about this blog is all you people who stop in and say hi. Those that I know well, and the new friends I have made out in the big wide blog world.
And you know a neat thing, I even met one of my readers about a month ago. She lives just down the road! We take our littlies to the same music group. It was so funny, she figured out who I was by the skirt I was wearing! It felt so strange to meet a stranger that's not really a stranger at all. I kind of feel like I've known her for ages even though I've only just met her. And how nice to connect with such a sweet lovely lady (look at the sweet things she gave me).
So anyway, it's been fun. And it's nice now looking back on the last year and remembering some of the things we did and some of the things we made, and seeing how much the children have grown. I'm looking forward to seeing what this year might bring. I do hope you will pop in and say hi from time to time.


Kristin said...

Happy Blog Birthday! I've only recently stumbled upon your blog, but I am finding it a real inspiration, and for that I thank-you.

gardenmama said...

gorgeous, gorgeous photos!
it has been a pleasure getting to know you Hanna!
congratulations on one year : ) I look forward to many more of your beautiful posts!

sweetp said...

Congrats on one year. Look forward to reading for another year

Our Green Nest said...

It IS fun, isn't it?! Happy blog birthday...I look forward to many many more!

Tamara said...

lovely! always enjoyable to read your posts.

Rennae said...

Congratulations, on one year. I love to stop by and see what you are up to, thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog birthday! x

Anonymous said...

To dear Hanna,
Happy birthday on your wonderful blog. It helps to bridge the distance between us, keeping me up to date with what is going on in your lives on a everyday basis and also to see how talented you are.
Love from Aussie. GG

taisa said...

Happy birthday! I love stopping in- such a lovely little spot you've created here.

Jac said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Hanna - (What no excuse for a homemade cake!) and a year old - fantastic! How exciting that you met one of your blogfriends - that is so cool - it really is a small world huh?!! :)