I have a problem

I made myself a rule that I couldn't have more than three projects on the go at once.

I picked up this cute tray at the opp shop and it was going to be the spot where I kept my works in progress, just a small space, only room for three things at once.


turehutinker said...

Hey Hanna I can so relate to you and our growing pile.Sometimes I just don't know what to start first and if im not careful I don't start anything lol.It's inspiring to have everything in one spot so they don't get put away and forgotten and then more ideas grow.I like the look of whats in your pile and look forwards to your next creation.

sweetp said...

mwhaha me too

Nikki Elisabeth said...

haha I love it!

My knitting pile is growing by the minute

turehutinker said...

Ash and Nicole are having a little girl called Chanel Josie ( Grandma has named her CJ for short lol) around the 15th of October. I have to remember not to spoil her with fairie dresses. :)
ps ...does frith have a blog on here? Also hello my sister xoxo

melissa said...

hehe- i have exactly the same problem! don't know if i'll ever be cured. i quite like messiness, actually.

congrats on yourk being in WSW magazine- exciting! :)