In print

Look, there it is

my cotton and hemp bib was chosen for a Felt advert in the new issue of World Sweet World.
(Hey I just noticed my cousin Eowyn has something in the advert too! She makes beautiful handmade paper and books. You can see her things here.)

What a great magazine, if you haven't seen it yet you really should take a look. This one is the third issue. At only $8 each it's a lot of bang for your buck, all sorts of crafty goodness fills its pages. I wonder if the kids might give me maybe just 10 minutes to sit down and read it soon. Should I be so bold as to turn the coffee machine on?


turehutinker said...

Hi Hanna. What a cool magazine.I had no idea you are all creating these fantastic things. Love entering the blog world.It's going to be great to meet new people and join in with sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great we have a magazine promoting all our clever 'kiwis'-(especially when they are my relations):). Enjoy your reading & the coffee!

Anonymous said...

yay! i'm in it too!
I saw you in the felt ad - how exciting!!

busygnomes said...

Thanks Hanna for the info on the magazine, I just ordered one on line. By the way I wanted to say that we make your bread all the time, it's such a good receipe, thanks for sharing.