This is a wondeful sight, other people weeding my garden :o)
Well actually Liam is not weeding, he's looking for worms.

Mum has been been staying for a few days as Aaron had to go to Christchurch for work. And we got lots of gardening done, thanks mum! Before mum arrived the vegetable garden was a weed garden, but now I can see dirt!

I have BIG plans for my vege garden this year, some might say a little too ambitious, but anyway, we'll see how we go. I just hope I can find enough dirt space to fit it all in.

Carrots, beetroot, brocolli - tender stems and purple sprouting, melon, tomatoes, bell peppers, gooseberries, cucumbers - regular and lemon, courgette, onions, potatoes, beans, sugar snap peas, eggplant, lettuce, strawberries, silverbeet and pumpkin - the ones you can eat the seeds of.
I think that's it.
Oh and I'll also be growing a prize winning giant pumpkin (he he). My sister Frith has a little competition going. A wee pumpkin seed arrived in the post last week, the challenge is on!

I am so looking forward to eating fresh produce from my own garden, it always tastes so good and feels so satisfying.
I'm off to do some watering, bye for now.


sweetp said...

Love the wormy pic!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, we will see, we will see.