I love the library

We felt like doing some baking this morning while Isla slept. I couldn't find much inspiration among the cook books so we settled for classic chocolate chip biscuits. Very tasty though I think maybe I put a bit too much butter in as they were a bit flat and crispy around the edges. But Liam liked them, I have lots of crumbs to vacuum up now.

We had some errands to run up at the shops and Isla fell asleep in the mei tai (as so often happens) so we passed some time at the library (as so often happens). I love my library. Liam likes to run up and down the ramp and peek at me from behind the shelves, and he always grabs a few books off the shelf to take home with him.

I have wonderful vivid memories of my library visits as a child. The excitement of being able to pick some books of my very own to take home with me. Special kids books from the special kids shelves that were just the right height for me. I remember some of the books had a nice smell, some books I liked to read just because they smelled nice.

By time Isla woke we had a nice little stack of books to take home with us.

See that huge big fat one on the top... The Golden Book of Cookies, over 330 cookie recipies! Some of them look so good. I think there may be some cookie making and sampling in the next four weeks. So long basic choc chip biscuits for now.

This is what else we got...
:: The Toolbox

- This is just Liam's kind of book! He panicked a bit when I took it off him to scan it. And carried it all the way to the car in his hot little hand.

:: The No-Work Garden

- This is just my kind of book! I'm looking out at our rain sodden, weed riddled, overgrown garden and thinking something needs to be done.

:: Organic Baby and Toddler Cookbook

-I'm trying to find inspiration for an eight month old who thinks that food is just silly and milk will be just fine for the rest of my life thankyou.
:: Salads and Vegetables

- There looks to be some very tasty recipies in this one. Simple but tasty. How about butter-roasted cabbage halves, or basil risotto with roast tomatoes. Mmm. I will report back if any are a success.

:: Knitting Vintage Socks

- I've actually had this one out before and looking at the pictures definately makes me want to give sock knitting a go, surely it can't be that hard, surely? It's the four knitting needles at once that scares me. I've finally finished my slippers I've been knitting for a year and my baby trousers I've been knitting for longer so I have nothing on my needles, and I'm on a roll, so I think it might be time to cast on some socks. Wish me luck.

I want to say I'm off now to make myself a coffee and sit down on the couch with my feet up and read my new books but in reality I'm off to finish making dinner and tend to the washing. Oh well.


Frith said...

@I remember loving those childhood libary visits too! I really should take more time to take my boys to the libary, they do love it when we get a chance to go. Im going to make your yummy date and pumpkin slice today, hope you have a fantastic day xoxoxox Frith

Anonymous said...

the no work garden. i like that book! can't go past the edmonds cook book - or donna hay modern classics 2 for biscuits. although I am finding apples for jam quite amazing!!