Some finished things

Doesn't it feel good to have some finished things.
Especially when they're as cute as this...

A new skirt and shorts for Isla when she gets bigger.
I made these while on our visit with family. My sister Frith let me use some of her fabric, isn't she sweet. I LOVE this fabric so much. It was an old velvet dressing gown from the opp shop. The shorts are made out of the sleeves, aren't those ruffles gorgeous!

Next up are my finally finished slippers that I mentioned.

These are knitted with two strands of yarn so they are nice and thick and warm and have been worn quite a bit already, in fact I'm wearing them right now as I type.

And then this mushroom, or toadstool? It kind of looks not quite right, I think the stem is too long? (That'll teach me for not really following the pattern). And maybe it would look better if the stem was fatter at the base?

Anyway, it was fun to make. If you'd like to make one the tutorial is here. And if you do, make sure you do use a smooth round pebble in the bottom of the stem, the pebble in the base of mine is a bit asymetrical which means my mushroom prefers to lie down.

After I'd made mine I found this, over 100 photos of toadstools other poeple have made from the tutorial. There are some really cool ones!

And last up, my first cookie from the cookie book, which is not actually a cookie, it's a slice.

This is a wholewheat orange bar. It's got the zest and flesh of a whole orange in it, and dates too. It is very tasty. I was going to say that it's nearly finished but now I can say that it is finished as Isla and I just polished off the last piece.
I actually also made paprika and chocolate cookies from the book but they didn't turn out so good, I couldn't really taste the paprika and then I burnt them anyway. So one failure but that's ok, I have plenty more recipes bookmarked and we went out ingredients shopping this morning.
I would get cooking right now except that I have a mountain of washing that I suppose I really should tackle first.

Happy Birthday to Mum/GG (Aaron's mum) for Saturday. We love you :o)


Anonymous said...

That velvet flower sprigged fabric reminds me of my younger sister(she wore lots of her own 're-creations)-I can even smell that 'old velvet' smell of musty opshops that evoke a thousand memories.I wonder where the original garment was worn and by whom? Perhaps a wedding? A garden party...?

busygnomes said...

the clothes are very cute. the use of the ruffle is clever. The boys and I made the pumpkin and date slice and it was yum. your children are sweet.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so wonderful but those shorts, THOSE SHORTS, I love them. Did you us a pattern? I love the ruffly hems. Now the other thing I need to say is how yummy does that orange slice look. You sure have been busy and it all looks great.