Happy birthday to our beautiful smiley Isley, 8 years old today - woohoo! She was so excited. Aaron took the day off and we all hung out together. We had our final home schooling classes for the year where we meet up with all the other home school kids and do art and sports. Isla LOVED that dad could come with us. And she reckoned that she finally managed to get all the way down in her splits today AND do a proper handstand, big celebrations!
And... Happy birthday to our beautiful little Evie for yesterday, born the day before Isla's birthday last year! Much to Isla's delight! The only other girl cousin on that side of the family. Isla said to me today that her and Evie and kind of like sisters :). We are off to Thames tomorrow to celebrate her 1st birthday, will be a wonderful day catching up with family, we are really looking forward to it.
Happy weekending everyone.


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Mee said...

Yay! Happy birthday lovely Isla. Everyone is growing up too fast. We need more babies :)