Un-fantastic plastic

We decided to go for a walk on one of our beaches yesterday, it was one of those beautiful fresh sunny wintery days.
We have had some really stormy weather on and off over the last month so the beach was covered in seaweed, we have been going often to collect it for our garden.
But today we were so amazed and saddened to see how much plastic rubbish was in amongst the seaweed! We had only bought one bag with us and very quickly filled it to bursting.
We are going to go back down with some big rubbish sacks, I reckon that if we spent a few hours there we would easily fill 10 big rubbish sacks full of all the little bits of plastic :(
This beach is normally very pristine, but I suppose all the storms and flooding have just washed extra rubbish out into the oceans and up onto the beach. This beach is actually in a protected wildlife sanctuary, so it is just so sad to see all this rubbish washed up here.
There is too much plastic in the world.
Once plastic is produced, it is here forever.
I can't remember where I heard this quote, but it has always stuck with me - "You can't just throw it away, because there is no away".
We found a lot of:
bottle tops
plastic food wrappers
lolly pop sticks

This just popped up on my pinterest page this morning - have a look - Plastics: made to last forever, designed to throw away

And watch this video.
And stop buying plastic, as much as you can.

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Anonymous said...

Bet that caution sign has made its way back to Liam's room! xx Aunty Frith