More photos of our beautiful boat adventure

I told you I took lots of photos...

This was our first full day on the boat, we went exploring a little bit around the area. I can't remember the name of this little bay but the Queen Charlotte waking track goes past it, we would hear people chatting as they made their way through the bush and then they would appear on the beach and meander along disappearing into the bush on the other side.

We tied an extra long rope onto the rowboat and the kids spent ages paddling around and around and back and forwards.

There were plenty of fish to catch, no sooner would they put the lines down and they would have to reel them back in again. They became expert fishermen, when a fish was caught they would work as a team, one would hold the rod while the other wound it in. The little fish in the photo below became known as Isla's friends, she was catching one after another after another. They are apparently no good for eating, so not what we were wanting to be catching!

 After we had had enough fishing for the day, Dada took the kids over to explore the beach, while I sat in the sun and had a little nap! That's the life!

See that little row boat over there, Isla was sitting in the sunshine kindly untangling the ropes, they were all knotted - they just happened to be knotted on purpose! Hahaha! Ooops! We managed to quickly pull up the anchor and retrieve it.

Seals EVERYWHERE! Look at this one lolling about sunbathing. You would be down inside the boat and you would hear their snorty snuffling noises as they came up for air and blew the water out of their noses, so you go up and they would float around watching you curiously. They seem to have a very relaxing life, just kind of hanging about, never hurrying on their way anywhere.

We had our fresh fish for dinner as well as some of the beautiful big mussels that grow on the mooring rope.

Watching the sunrise on our second morning, so so beautiful, I can see why my dad enjoys it here.

 Can you see the perfect rabbit cloud!


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