Handmade gifts

I had decided for Christmas that I was going to give all handmade gifts, I started well, but quickly began to run out of time as Christmas drew nearer. These are some of the things I did manage to create before the days disappeared on me. It was a great challenge to give myself though as it gave my creative brain some much needed exercise, it has been bit under-used lately.
I couldn't post these photos before Christmas as most of the receivers read my blog :)

These silhouette pictures were fun to make. I took a profile photo of the kids (which was the hardest part!), then using tracing paper I traced around the printed photo to create my shape template. Then I used that template to cut the shapes out of blue and black card.

The above sketch is of my younger sister and her partner . And the sketch below is of my older sister and her partner, and menagerie ;)

Liam drew a sketch of them also...

And then Isla and I had fun with the porcelain pens. I love these pens, you can draw onto ceramics and then bake them to create a permanent decoration. Wouldn't it be fun to design your own whole dinnerset!


Anonymous said...

I love your handpainted plate! Could you tell me what brand of porcelain pen you used?


hanna said...

Hi Sharon, I seemed to have misplaced my pen, which is crazy since it wasn't that long ago I was using it! Actually I always seem to be misplacing things lately, since we have been renovating - as stuff gets moved from place to place all the time! When it turns up I will let you know :) xx

Unknown said...

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