The Knight Circus - costume hire

My sister Frith has just recently started up a costume hire business which I have been meaning to introduce to you.(She's always been in to dressing up!).

The Knight Circus

I think the idea came about after her 30th birthday when she organised an alice in wonderland fancy dress party. Everyone had so much fun designing costumes and dressing up, and Frith did such an amazing job with all the decorations that somebody suggested she should organise themed parties for a job - and behold The Knight Circus was born!

Alice in Wonderland

She's got a cool little shed out the back that is so much fun to explore when we go visit!

The Knight Circus costume hire

I've conducted a little interview so you can learn more about Frith and The Knight Circus.

The Knight Circus costume hire

So was I right with how the business came about?

The Knight Circus costume hire

Yip, that's right. I had so much fun organising my 30th that I was a little sad to pack it all away! Then I thought, hey I could turn this into a business, something I can do from home with the kids around and also giving me a creative outlet - so The Knight Circus was born!

The Knight Circus costume hire

Why did you decide to call it The Knight Circus?

The Knight Circus costume hire

I have this nostalgic image of early circus's, the costumes, the performers and the atmosphere.  I wanted a name that when you heard it, it made you dream a little....and Knight is my last name so it fitted together well with a little twist.

The Knight Circus costume hire

What is your favourite costume?

The Knight Circus costume hire

That's a hard one.  Wonder woman would be up there and my husband looks great in Batman.  Although I have a gorgeous turquoise satin and lace ballgown which I would wear to the supermarket if I could!

The Knight Circus costume hire

Where do you get your costumes from?

The Knight Circus costume hire

The majority of them came from a company based in America. It was really hard to pick which ones would look good in person and which would be popular. I have most of the licenced ones - superheros etc, 1950's, renaissance, Micheal Jackson, pirates.......And then there are pieces that I have picked up at 2nd hand stores or from my own wardrobe. So far I have only made a few but this is something I would like to do more of.

The Knight Circus costume hire

If I was after a particular costume could you help me out?

The Knight Circus costume hire

Yes of course, I would love to help you out. If I had enough time I would try and source something for you or make it myself. I had an order for 10 elf costumes for the Whangarei Christmas Festival late last year, they were fun to make, thanks to Hanna too for helping me out with the hats!!

elves in pjs

When are you open and how do I contact you about viewing costumes?

The Knight Circus costume hire

Basically I'm open when I'm home. You can contact me on Facebook and we can arrange a time for you to come round. I have lots of photos of my costumes on my Facebook page and I'm in the process of setting up a blog where I'll be able to give more details and measurements of my costumes so people out of town can have the opportunity to hire them also.

The Knight Circus costume hire

What other ideas do you have about branching out your business?

The Knight Circus costume hire

More making costumes from scratch or restyling clothing into costumes. I'd also like to get into making props or decorations for weddings and parties, like favours, confetti, buntings etc. Also hiring out complete sets for high tea parties, including tablecloths, cups and saucers, teapots, cake stands and other tea party necessities. I'd love to have a corner in my shop that sold handmade wares too.

The Knight Circus costume hire The Knight Circus costume hire

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Stella said...

Awesome!!! Go Frith, the shop looks fantastic, and I can't wait to see where else it goes from here!

Heart Felt said... it!

Anonymous said...

That is so cool. Congratulations Frith and Hanna for broadcasting it. What a fun thing to do and grow. All the best GG

knightlight said...

wicked post!!!