A few more

A few more random photos from the last two months that I have been away from here.
It's good to be back. Thankyou for your kind comments and for not giving up on me :)




pea necklaces



treasure chest



Holly C. said...

Happy you are back.

I have you in my google reader, so I never miss a post!

Tamara said...

ah what is that dear one doing with those tiny peas? such sweet pictures.

Mrs Knight said...

love the photo of Isla and Daada,so sweet! ddand the pea necklace!!

Anonymous said...

What great photos. Love the one Isla/Dada that could b framed. And Liam in the tool shed - his ultimate!! Blog has changed format. It's good GG.

Stacey said...

You have been some lovely places and done some wonderful stuff while you were away. It is this stuff that matters isn't it. I am glad you are back for me to read/see your adventures though.

I wanted to say how much I love the photo of Isla smiling at Mister Ukelele. Just stunning.

Anonymous said...

I always feel so much better when fellow bloggers are busy living life and not just blogging about it. :) Cheers to you and your family and beautiful photos. Your lands look so very different and intriguing to me.