Fresh air does wonders

healing teas

fresh air

We're a bit sick here, bit of a tummy bug going around it seems, Liam's fine of course, he has an iron constitution that boy. Isla has just fallen asleep on the couch.  She was sick on Tuesday night and then Wednesday and Thursday kind of bounced back. But yesterday afternoon she went down again and is now having trouble keeping anything in.

I took these photos yesterday morning, the sun was shining, it was one of those perfect Spring days that I love, where the world just seem to be alive and buzzing. Fresh air, warm sun, the hum of bees, monarch butterflies, spring flowers, new growth.



All the fresh air did wonders for a gloomy girl, even her make-believe bunnies came out to play.
(Showing me where her bunny is eating his snack, and showing me how high her bunny hops).

make-believe bunnies

talking about bunnies

how high my buuny hops

She had enough energy to argue with her brother. And even enough for some trampoline bouncing.  Hard to believe now seeing her curled up and washed out asleep on the couch.


Hopefully this will pass quickly and we will be back out there again soon.

violets in Spring



Holly C. said...

Feel better, little Isla!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair photo. And jealous of the flowers - great photos again capturing the moments freedom, concentration, growly face....hehe. That's to keep. Hope all is well now. GG xxx

Mousy Brown said...

We may be the other side of the globe but tummy bugs are hitting here too - you all have my sympathy and get well wishes, that sun should help with the mending! :D

Anonymous said...

oh, poor thing! hope she is feeling better now and that no one else gets the bug!

Tamara said...

yes - fresh air and tea! what a perfect combination. here's hoping everyone feels much better soon.

Flower said...

Look at your swan plant! Love the bouncing hair! get well soon little one xx

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