Green smoothie

green smoothie (2)

I could do with one of these right now, actually, feeling rather tired. The smallest one in the house has been waking, when she shouldn't be. Better make one for breakfast tomorrow I think.

green smoothie (3)

I thought I'd just share this, as it is surprising just how much leafy green goodness you can pack into a smoothie and it still taste good, truly, you must try it.

I just throw whatever in really, but this one pictured was made with:
- 1 banana
- a BIG handful of spinach and silverbeet from the garden
- 2 tsp spirulina powder
- apple juice

green smoothie (1)

It's a great way to get leafy greens into the kids, Isla is not fond of leafy greens with her dinner but will quite happily down one of these smoothies.
You can use any greens you like, I have some kale starting to grow now so I'll be using that soon, but just as a note, if you use kale it does need to be steamed slightly first as it is actually a brassica and not good to eat raw. And any fruit you have in the house, I freeze surplus fruit in season and throw into my smoothies frozen, makes a nice cold drink :). If you have lots of fruit you don't need to use juice. Also you can make it with milk, soy, or coconut milk.


Jacinda said...

Nice. I was in the habit of making these a while ago and have stopped. Must start again. I used to use a lot of chickweed, nettle and bits of young dandelion leaf...easily accessible "weeds" from the garden.

Lynnette said...

We love green smoothies! We love spinach and kale but I am working to get some different greens. Thankfully our farmer's market starts soon.

BigLittle said...

Looks intriguing, will have to give it a try. I love virtually anything green!

nz green buttons said...

I will have to try this, my little boy doesn't much like greens unlike his big sister so this sounds like a winner! Thanks

molly said...

i am so impressed that your children will eat green smoothies. mine adore smoothies. but only in shades of pink/red/purple. green is strictly verboten.

Flower said...

Hey Hannah, I just wanted to let you know how much I love your blog. I've just spent the last few hours going through heaps of your older posts & I've found SO many useful little snippets. I can't wait to try & make my own sourdough starter so that I can make some CRUMPETS!