Summer gardening

We live in a pretty mild climate here, which means the vege garden goes all year round really, but of course there is nothing like a summer garden :) I love the vege garden in summer.

January garden

Sorry I haven't been posting much of late, I can see that it might just be like this until summer comes to an end really, because I just love summer in general, not just in the vege garden, and I'm just not finding many chances to sit down here at the computer. Don't you just feel so alive in summer? Longer days, lots of time spent outside, time in the sun and the fresh air and the salt water. Anyway, I digress. I have extended my garden to twice the size this year, and I'm feeling quite good as I look out the window at all the growth and colour out there, because this time last year that extra space was a very unpractical not used at all space filled with sharp horrible to walk on stones. And now it's all growing nicely with lots of good things to eat. I've been snapping photos over a few months of what's been happing out there, so here is a little story of how our garden grows:

This is what it looked like in April last year.
april garden

And then in July, my dad came and helped me lay paths and fill it up with lovely new soil.
july garden
sep garden

In September we started planning and planting seeds.
sep garden
sep garden

Meanwhile the kids sandpit was still a pond/swimming pool.
We planted garlic in August, growing there to the left of the picture.
oct garden

October we started planting out our little seedlings
oct garden
oct garden
oct garden

And finally filled up the sandpit with sand :)
oct gardenoct garden

November and December were all about watering and weeding and tidying up the old garden.
- With my little helper always by my side. Liam enjoys it too, but Isla is just a born gardener, very diligent and careful, I can leave her a task of planting out seedlings and she'll do the whole lot herself without me even really watching. Aunty Adde bought her some matching garden shoes 'just like mum's ones' and Granma bought her her own set of gardening tools :)
dec garden
dec garden
dec garden

And now in January it's flourishing. From dry sharp stoney, nastyness :) to lovely delicious goodness :)
January garden

But you know what I actually love most about this new garden, is the kids sandpit in amongst it. We all end up spending more time out there as we can hang out together, going about our busy tasks together. It's nice and peaceful, especially in the morning while that part of the garden is still shady and cool.

January garden


melissa said...

so fabulous!
every bit of it (especially the gardening kids.)

nz green buttons said...

wow! what a beautiful post, I too love a summer garden. Beautiful photos especially the ones of your little helper :) Happy gardening!

Holly C. said...

You have a beautiful garden!

Have you gotten any of your beloved tomotoes yet?

Mrs Knight said...

we too started a sandpit in our garden for Cam as its a lil walk up our drive,made a shade and everything but am yet to fill it will sand!
Looks lovely Hanna! xx

meg said...

How lovely to see the whole space transformed. Do you just plant the egg cartons right into the garden too? I haven't ever grown much from seed, but I think I should try!

Anonymous said...

Orrr mannn!! I wanna come and hang out in your garden! We made our gardens close to the house too(as you know) and I just love to look out the kitchen window and watch the veges growing.

Heart Felt said...

Looks like the kids are having a great time...beautiful! xx

Allana said...

Wow, it looks wonderful and like a fantastic place to be, no wonder you would rather be out there with your family! Enjoy :)

Mee said...

You have a garden to be proud of Hanna-looks much more luscious and productive than mine! (I'm a teeny bit jealous!)

malea said...

Your garden is awesome! What a wonderful place for your kids to hang :-) Just wondering if you plant your seedlings while they're still in the egg carton segments?

Ally said...

Wow! It looks amazing, the sandpit in the middle is a fantastic idea. Your little helper is great she sound a lot more careful than mine.

busygnomes said...

What a great garden, our sandpit is the centre of the vegetable garden, and I highly recommend it as well.

Hannah said...

Oh Hanna what a wonderful post - I really enjoyed reading it!
We are in the depths of winter here and it's lovely to see some summer images.
Your garden looks so productive!
We are moving house at the moment and the new one has a big garden so I'm spending my time dreaming about scenes just like the ones you posted.

molly said...

oh, it is beyond lovely!! and how marvelous that you have a born gardener. i have one, also (but alas, i am not one, myself!)

a question: do you have any issues with cats in your sandbox? and if so, any solutions? that work? we're overrun!

Anonymous said...

Wow Hannah, you are a source of such great inspiration on so many levels. I love your crafting, your mothering, your home making, your gardening, your cooking. Esp love the idea of a sandpit amount the vege beds, may just have to steal for our new home.

X Hannah (Ra's sister, remember me?)

Anonymous said...

I have been lost in real life lately but just re-discovered your blog tonight in my long-lost reader! Your garden is an inspiration. We're just getting ready to plant a ton of seeds...after a long hiatus from gardening. Hope ours grow as lovely as yours! P.S. Love love love the water play area -sand pit. :)

Flower said...

What a fantastic back yard, I love the shot of the kids 'fishing'!

Ash said...

I fell in love with you wee garden! It's lovely, especially the idea of having the sandpit in the middle of the vege garden and let the kids play surrounded by all your vege. What a brilliant idea. =) I can't wait for my summer garden to grow...
I just came across your blog today, love your blog. Keep up the great work! =)

ali said...

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