Happy birthday Isla!

Isla's birthday

I'm finally posting pictures from Isla's 3rd birthday on Saturday.
She had such fun!

Isla's birthday

Isla's birthday

Isla's birthday

Isla's birthday
New wooden highchair from here.

Isla's birthday
She had been telling me for months she wanted a 'doddy' cake. I kept re-asking her incase she'd changed her mind, I wan't quite sure how I was going to create a doggy cake. She was pleased with the results :)

Isla's birthday

She was very pleased with the birthday crown (that I actually made last year and forgot to give to her). Notice Liam wore his one too :)
I love all the different ways the crown was worn.

Isla's birthday
Isla's birthday
Isla's birthday
Isla's birthday


lieslmade said...

Great job on the cake and the crown! Looks like it was a fun celebration. :)

pod and three peas said...

love the cake ! great job, and aaahhh memories, my folks live it near walkworth so I know that little shop sign well :) love wooden toys the best

Cat said...

She is so beautiful! Love the cake, and the crown.

Meg said...

what a sweet girl, Happy Birthday Isla!

Anonymous said...

Oh finally - You know i looked 3 times a day. But it was worth the wait. The joy and excitement on her beautiful little face! And the last picture will be up on my office wall in A3 size. The cake was superb - even the expression on the "doddy's" face is right.Just got to see them soon.
Love GG

Diane said...

Happy Birthday Isla! Such a cutie. Great cake Hanna, well done!

Mee said...
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Mee said...

I laughed at "Annonymous's" comments cos that was me too! (We must have lots of spare time :)). Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Frith said...

She is sooo cute! And looking more and more like her beautiful Mum!

knightlight said...

hippy happy birthday sweet Isla!!!! xxxx

BellaBree said...

happy birthday Miss 3! being 3 is just magical..enjoy yourself sugar - love the crown Isla, esp the upside down version xx

lovestitches said...

It looks like she had a blast! And the doddy is perfect! I still remember the photos of cakes you've made in the past, you're very good at it!

nzgreenbuttons said...

Happy birthday dear Isla! my you are growing up fast. Doesn't she look all grown up all of a sudden, I think there is such a big change in little ones between the ages of two and three.

Holly C. said...

Oh-she looks so happy!

You make the cutest cakes.

Hannah said...

That's a great cake - well done!
The photographs are so joyful. Hapy belated birthday wishes to Isla :o)

melissa said...

happy birthday to your beautiful girl :)