Knitted rabbits

knitted rabbits

I'm here posting because I haven't got the energy to be doing anything else. You should see the state of the house. I had a big clean up on the weekend and was feeling all satisfied and happy, but all it takes is two days of being sick and the place is a shambles.

knitted rabbits

Liam is right into cutting paper with scissors at the moment, so that doesn't help, as you can imagine.

knitted rabbits

Actually they're both into cutting with scissors, and not just paper. They have been so good and understanding really about mum being sick and having no energy, they have been playing so nicely together, most of the time. Yesterday as we waited for Dad to bring takeaways home for dinner they were playing outside so nice and quietly and I really didn't want to disturb them.

knitted rabbits

But of course I should have, because it's always those really quiet times that need to be checked on, I don't seem to learn. They had been at my garden with the scissors, I don't mind grass being cut, and even the mint that's growing a bit wild, but the pretty flowers in the front garden, hmmm. Lets just say the geraniums have had a good pruning! (These ones).

knitted rabbits

Anyway, the rabbits are from these books (can't remember which one). Such great books, these are library copies but I'm thinking I might buy them.

knitted rabbits

I've also made one for a little friend of ours which I forgot to take a photo of (Luke next time we visit can I photograph your bunny please.) And I have one on the needles destined for a Christmas present.

knitted rabbits

Can you believe these are made from a knitted square, so simple and yet so cute. I can see myself making many more of these.

knitted rabbits

There are so many more great projects in these books, perhaps I'll show some photos tomorrow, I think we have quite enough photos for one post already :)

knitted rabbits


gardenmama said... these little bunnies are seriously CUTE!!! Sending you healing wishes sweet mama xo (off to your shop one of your pixie hats just caught my eye!)

Liesl said...

They are so adorable! Love the little pompom tails!

Hope you're feeling better soon.

Holly C. said...

Sweet little bunnies!

Feel better soon. :)

meg said...

cute cute bunnies. Hey here's an idea for your kids (might keep them busy for a bit too). (from my old blog)

Luisa said...

Omigoshthe bunnies are so cute! I love them more than real bunnies because they are low maintenance and adorable.

Allana said...

Oh yay - we just made one of those too with a crochet square I made ages ago! Its the toddler book, we borrowed a copy from the library too and I plan to buy a copy also. :)
PS. being quiet with scissors or paint is always a worry at our house lol x

Diane said...

They are so cute (the kids and the bunnies!) and I love those pompom tails...

Caroline Burns said...

hey hanna, love the bunnies, can you email me, I need to talk to you about gran, she wants some photos of the family get together. love me

Widge said...

oh so sweet!

Tamara said...

how sweet! these little bunnies are darling. looks like the kids enjoy them so much.

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this is so cute, maybe I gonna do this the next weekend, now that my child are enjoting her Holydays, I want to spend the enought time with her.

Bodkin said...

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