Cake recipies to start the weekend

Sorry, I've been a bit absent this week, where has the week gone!
Thought it might be nice to share some recipies today, just in case you have a some time to do a little baking over your weekend.

Honeyed seed cake -
honeyed seed cake

I found this recipe on this lovely blog - Sensible Living (recipe here). It's delicious and certainly deserves a mention, and I will certainly be making it again. I'll be copying it into my recipe box, when I finally remember to buy some more index cards. (The only change I made was using all wholemeal spelt flour instead of a mix of all purpose and whole wheat).

Banana oatmeal cake -
banana oatmeal cake

I made this a couple of weeks ago when I had very little flour in the house, and lots of oats, and ripe bananas. I just typed banana oatmeal cake into google, and found this. It's yummy, and will also be going into the recipe box for making again. (I altered it a bit by using all wholemeal spelt flour, halving the amount of sugar to 1/2 C, and only loosely followed the frosting recipe which I only made up a very small amount of - it was plenty sweet enough).

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you may have planned :)


Mrs Knight said...


Annie said...

I love how you made yours round. It's beautiful. I so love this cake and glad to hear that you tried it!


Holly C. said...

Looks yummy. Thank you for the recipes.

deb said...

Have finally had a chance to make this from my stash of receipes to try and we love it, agree with cutting the sugar.

hanna said...

oh good Deb, glad you liked. I'd kind of forgotten about that banana one, might have to make it again :)