In the kitchen

I know I'm meant to be sharing some recipies with you, I will, I promise, next week. And also some foodie books I've been enjoying. But for today, since it's Friday, and it's a slow rainy day, and apparently there is a large storm on the way so I'm roasting a chicken in the oven and lots of veg too, and thinking of making some crackers with a new recipe that a friend just shared with me over the phone - before the power possibly goes off. So because of all that, I'll just share some photos today of what's been going on in the kitchen this week, some of what's been going on anyway.

Leek and potato soup - making some room in the garden for new seeds and seedlings to go in. I made a double batch, some for the freezer. (See energetic Liam there to the right. He's a good leek carrier). (Oh and see that bowl of eggs there, we've made some lovely new friends this month, and they have chickens!).
Leek and potato soup

Flatbreads - made for the first time. Definately making these again, and I will share the recipe.
flat bread

Playdough - yesterday, such a good one for keeping the children entertained. But I made the mistake of leaving them for a bit to do the stirring while I boiled the jug.
Making playdough

Nutty apricot slice - will share the recipe next week :)
nutty apricot slice

Little lady taking a wee tea break, oh yes indeed dear.
time for tea

Found one last jar of pesto in the freezer from last year's basil. I thought it was all gone.
Last of the frozen pesto

Drying pasta to have with the above pesto.
sep 022

Sushi - will share how we make ours soon. The kids just LOVE sushi.
black rice sushi

Hope you have all had a lovely week, and if you're in New Zealand, wishing you a warm and hopefully not-too-stormy night. xx


Ana said...

I just made some pesto yesterday with basil and radish leaves! Pesto- YUMMMM :D

frangipani said...

That picture of your daughter 'taking tea' is priceless! You have been cooking up a storm yourself by the look of it. Look forward to those recipes.

Sharonnz said...

All looks very YUM.

meg said...

Oh that sushi looks interesting, I'll look forward to hearing what you do. We love our sushi too and I've been buying packets of frozen edamame from pak n save (very cheap and delicious) to eat with it.

Stella said...

These recipes look great! I look forward to trying some out!

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

wow i love that photo of your daughter sipping her tea one leg crossed over the other! How very dainty!

Jess said...

Gosh I hope the power doesn't go off! But then again it might be a good excuse to hop into bed with the cat and listen to the rain on the roof. Hope you enjoyed your roast and you stay warm and dry :)

Anonymous said...

...boiling the jug, or chatting on the phone, hmmm?
Love the pic of Isla with the cup of tea!
Your drying pasta looks interesting, hope there wer'nt any flies around!

Holly C. said...

Hanna-everything looks wonderful. Looking forward to your recipes and the foodie books.

Isla is a girl after my own heart-I love tea time! My goodness-she is adorable.

Unknown said...

i can't wait, those all look so yummy, i think my tummy is rumbling now! ;)

Lana said...

Oh, the pasta "tent" looks like so much fun to hang out under. And I agree, the little leg cross with sticky-outy toes sipping tea is beyond cute. : )

Mee said...

Hanna I can only admire your bravery! The pic with Isla holding a bottle of food colouring had me going 'eeekk!'. And by the way, will there be room amongst the leeks and pasta for a guest next week? Which reminds me of a delicious leek pasta recipe I made a couple of weeks ago...reeeally tasty!

gardenmama said...

I always appreciate seeing photos of what you are creating in your lovely kitchen! I can't wait to read the recipes - of the pasta especially! Enjoy your weekend xo

molly said...

Oh, please share the flatbread? Please please please please?? I've been searching for a good one, and this looks exactly it!!

Your rope method is genius for drying pasta! So obvious and easy. Never thought of it.

TrailsLost said...

I would love the playdough recipe to make with my son!!

hanna said...

Hi Bohemian Mama - I've just added a link to the playdough recipe to my sidebar on the right there :)

melissa said...

ooh- i want to come and live at your place!

Stella said...

Hey, not sure if you are into the whole blog award thing, but I got given one and I'm passing it on to you... Details are on my blog, but feel free to totally ignore it! Just couldn't leave you off my list!