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There are so many beautiful and inspirational photos on Flickr. I love to browse. My page of favourites is growing, and there are so many lovely photos that just need to be shared, so I thought I might make this a weekly thing. Sharing with you some of my favourite photos.
(You can click on the photo names below to take you to their original source.)

(If you have no idea what Flickr is :) it's the photo site where I store my photos which I put on my blog, which you can see by clicking on that mozaic thingy down there on the right sidebar.)

1. Me and my shadow, 2. right now, 3. august, 4. Untitled,
5. 11-03-2010 Esperando en el auto / Waiting in the car, 6. thrifted
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Anonymous said...

Lovely choices! I spend agggges going through some peoples flickr faves, theres always some gems hidden in them.

Heart Felt said...

I do the same Steph, I find someone like minded and scroll through their favs. Lovely collection Hanna. x

Holly C. said...

Oh, I love to peruse Flickr too! I am quite addicted. As you know-I've got tons of your photos in my Flickr faves. :) I just love the 'feel' of your photos.

Caterpillar Cupcakes said...

What did we do before Flickr!

Holly C. said...

I just checked a map of New Zealand to make you sure you are far away from the earthquake!

I heard there were no casualites-so glad for that!