New opp shop treasures

Well, if you've been reading this blog for any time now, or happen to know me in person. Then you know how I love opp shopping, aye.
So of course, what did I do on my birthday, but drag the kids out for a spot of opp shopping.
And the opp shop people must have known somehow that it was my birthday, because they put out some really good treasures for me to find, and some great ones for the kids too, just to keep them happy for my sake.

First up, Mr Gnomey (we should probably think of a better name). Isn't he cute. I kind of always fancied the idea of having a gnome in the garden. Mum has a tiny wee one in her garden, Seamus, which the kids are rather fascinated with. Someone around these parts had obviously decided that they didn't like gnomes afterall, and had handed over their whole collection. We were quite pleased to be able to give this little fella a new home amongst the nasturtiums, I think it will be rather a lovely spot to sit and watch the days go by when the nasturtiums are all ablaze with orange flowers.

And, ahem, mustard yellow bag! Because of course my love of mustard yellow is right up there with my love of opp shopping! And it's plenty big enough to hold the rediculous amount of things that I seem to carry around with me, and zips open really wide so I can actually see all those things.
(Frith, don't worry, I still love your handmade bag best of all of course, but I think it might be quite happy with a rest and a wash from time to time!)
(Check out the girl checking herself out in the bottom photo. Not uncommon for her).

And then, a handy dandy portable chalkboard. Very handy indeed and getting a lot of use already.

And these very sweet old dolls clothes, which, I have to admit, I would totally wear myself. Pretty pink silk skirt with lace edging. Brown floral tunic top with gathered neckline. Green cord jacket. I love that green.

And just in time for a bit of birthday cake making, the perfect mixing bowl in a lovely buttery yellow. Perfect for mixing up a buttery vanilla cake to put birthday candles on.

And how about a matching milk-glass plate on which to eat a slice.
For breakfast the next morning :) - because you know it's never too early in the day to eat cake.


Dee said...

sweet haul! (love the bag)
happy birthday~~

Mrs Knight said...

opp shopping on your birthday = devine!! that lil gnome is neat!! we used to have a few when i was growing up,bet there still out there if i went on a wee hunt! i too would love to wear that pink n lace skirt!neat!!! xx

Anonymous said...

Nice bowl ( I had'nt a clue what you were talkin about on the phone )
Love Islas expression, twit!

Stella said...

Great finds! I love those wee dolls clothes, and have a smaller size of the same mixing bowl. It always amazes me that people want to get rid of such beauteous things! Sounds like you had a great birthday!

gardenmama said...

fabulous finds hanna!
I absolutely love everything you found, they *must* have known it was your birthday!! : )

Allana said...

What fantastic finds!! :)

Tamara said...

fabulous bag! i share your love for mustard yellow. looks like a lovely day.

Liesl said...

That bag is so excellent!

Cut&Alter said...

What great finds! I too found a little chalk board like that - aren't they great?! x

Mee said...

Im very glad you are adding on to your home Hanna :) p.s Mr Gnomey looks like he could beat Seamus to a pulp! Except he has got a very smiley face.

nz green buttons said...

Oh my I'm so jealous! I love that bag and I wish I could find one just like it. As each treasure was revealed I found myself thinking yes I would have bought that! great finds

Heart Felt said...

Adore the doll clothing ~ gorgeous. x