Happy birthday my sweet nephew

Dear Saxon Innes, sweet squishy 2 year old boy.
Happy happy birthday for yesterday.
We thought of you and we hope you enjoyed your cake :)
We so wish that we lived closer so that we could have given you some birthday cuddles and kisses. Because I mean just look at how kissable and cuddleable you are!

{wanting to be like his rugby playing big brother - hehe, serious stuff}


Heart Felt said...

What an adorable little boy...Happy Birthday. xx

Mee said...

How is wearing a floral hat helping in his quest to be a rugby player?? Thats one great pic!

Mary Beth said...

He is so very adorable. I'd like to give him a big hug as well! Luckily I have a 3 year old right here at home for plenty of sweet "baby" hugs. I love that little fleece hoodie he's wearing in the top photo.