It's been a full week

Excuse my absence, but we now have a completed floor! yipee!
My wonderful wonderful dad has been hard at work.
With me as his sidekick (I can see the evidence on my hands, and feel it in my back - I'm so soft!), and the kids getting under our feet, we managed to get the concrete floor laid, the insulation all in, and the particle board all down - which all adds up to one finished floor!
The kids were so good and patient (most of the time) and are absolutely loving having all the space to zoom around on - oh yes, there has been a lot of zooming around going on here. In fact, you know what I hear right now, the sound of zooming, and giggling, and shrieking with glee.




sheer whimsy said...

looks like such fun!! so lovely! congrats on a new floor!

Anonymous said...

Wow its huge, you're not gunna know yerselves when it is finished, I think you'll have to have another kid to fill up the space! lol

Jessicah said...

It's looking great! Renovations can be time consuming, can't they!

Mee said...

You're very blessed to have that kind of Dad. And I know you already know that!

Cotton Kiwi said...

Great job on the floor and how satisfying to do it yourself. The kids look like they are having a ball!

melissa said...

wow- good work! it must be so great to have your own place and make improvements. enjoy your new floor. :)

Hope Chella said...

These pictures are so wonderful!!!

Hope :) xx

Anonymous said...

Have your Dad here at our house for Dinner before he takes on Fiji.

Just had a look at the photos of the new floor with him. Fabulous to see how the kids are enjoying it.

Love your blog by the way.

Kelly (Paul's wife)