Thankyou so very much everybody for your love and get well wishes for Isla.
She is back to her happy smiley self, as if nothing happened. I'm always amazed at how quickly children bounce back from these things. And she has put all her lost weight back on already, which is not surprising since the words I hear most commonly around the house these days are "somthin else eat mum", she's well and truly making up for those few days she lost.

We had a warm and productive weekend, that was appreciated all the more with everybody at full health. My dad came and stayed, and we made great progress on the house. (Thankyou so much Dada).

Liam loved every minute of it, he is good at stealing hammers, collecting wood, and nails (in containers from the kitchen! I had to keep stealing them back), and digging, and smashing things with the sledge hammer, and just generally asking lots of questions, and talking lots.

While Liam was kept busy on the building site, Isla and I got into a bit of Autumn gardening. Silverbeet, and spinach, and kale, and broccoli planted into a good helping of compost that my dad bought with him. I don't think he ever turns up without a few bags or buckets of compost, which I am very much appreciative of.

And then some baking. Crispy salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies from Smitten Kitchen. And if you haven't yet visited Smitten Kitchen, then get over there right now, you really must. Mum called yesterday to tell me that I really must make the Best cocoa brownies. She tried one at my sister Frith's house and then whipped home and made up a batch herself :)
They are next on my list.
And then good old fashioned gingernuts. While the oven was warm, you know. And see that little blue apron there, I found it at the opp shop, isn't it too sweet.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I know, it's Tuesday already, this week has a been a bit slow in starting, and we also have Friday off, so it's going to be a quick one.


Anonymous said...

look at her she is just so cute! Liam looks busy, well done!

Kristin said...

oh, I just checked out that recipe and they look amazing! Definately top of the baking list for when I stop breastfeeding and am allowed dairy products again... YUM! Oh, and what do you do with your Kale?? We grew it last year but came at a bit of a loss for things to do with it without boiling it to a pulp.

Mee said...

Sooo pleased Isla is back on deck. Making excellent progress on that house and Liam sure looks like he is in his element!p.s-and the Best ever-choc-brownies seem (so far) "indigestion free" which means you can eat more than one at a sitting (as if you would!!) I think it's the chocolate in the regular recipes that do the damage.

Heart Felt said...

I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs ~ sorry to hear Isla had been sick ~ she looks back to her normal self now. Must be exciting to see the progress on your house happening. xx

busygnomes said...

What a productive weekend, isn't this weather glorious!, nice to see that you're making the most of it.

Jessica said...

I must make those oatmeal cookies!!!

molly said...

I love this post, so. The inside/outside, the heavy lifting of timber/heavy lifting of dough, both equally (!) important, the rhythms of the home. And those salted oatmeal cookies, oh! New to me, but shot right up to the top of my list. So glad your wee one is on the mend.

kanishk said...

she is just so cute
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