This time last night

Officially starting our house extensions.
Preparing for the digger to come today, to move the water tank.

Emptying our (precious) water into the drain.

Little toes in the dirt.

I had to get a photo of all those promises of red juicy plums before the poor tree is severely cut back. I'm a bit sad. But at least we get to keep the tree.

Me inside making rice salad for dinner and ginger molasses muffins - both yummy, I'll have to share the recipes later. The little toes joined me half way through.

... And tonight
Takeaways for dinner, no water, no water tank, we'll pretend like we're camping.
I'll share more tomorrow. Better go and give the kids a sponge bath.


Anonymous said...

At the start of our renovation someone said to me "It will take longer than you think, and it will cost more than you think" and that was very comforting when it took longer than I thought and when it cost more than I thought. Enjoy the camping.

homehearthappiness said...

Good luck with the extension - at least we haven't been without anything since we started the kitchen! Hope that you're all a bit warmer up there now too! x