busy busy

(Decorating the tree - and this is what my children do when I ask them to smile)

Ok, so I am here, incase you were wondering. We were only away for a few days before I got a phone call to say we had water again.

(Finishing Christmas gifts)

We decided to connect to mains instead of getting another water tank, it was seeing all that extra lawn space that did it really, that and not having the worry of running out of water all the time. I'm watering my vege garden with a hose now! Such luxuries I tell you! I used to have to traipse back and forth from my little rain water collection tank or collect bottles of grey water from the laundry or kitchen for my poor water starved plants.

(Making Pepperkake from Melissa's recipe
here. And Winter and Peppermint bark.)
So yes, I am here, and enjoying my running water. But we're all busy with Christmassy things, hence the lack of posting, oh and a sick Isla last week too.

(Keeping up with the strawberry patch. And bottling plums too.)


And I would like to say I'll post some more and share with you a few things I've been doing, but I don't think it's going to happen, seeing as there are now only 3 1/2 days till Christmas!

(Wrapping gifts)


We are off to stay with family on Christmas Eve for about a week and Aaron has over 3 weeks off work, yipee. So we're all looking forward to some relaxing and sun lounging and family times.

(Making gifts for the birds)

I hope you all have some nice things planned. And I also hope you take time, many times, in the next three days to not rush around, but instead sit down with a cup of tea and a Christmas mince pie or some such sweet thing.

(Popcorn ornaments in the trees for the birds)

Enjoy you Christmas festivities

xx talk to you soon.

(I collected some branches while at my dad's to make my wreath)


Donna T said...

Hi, what an absolutely beautiful Christmas wreath. You are very clever. The popcorn makers are a wonderful idea and I will be making them for our birds in the coming days off. Is there any chance that you will be making those yummy blankets with the edging to sell in your Etsy or Felt shop? They are so cool and I would love to get hold of a couple. By the way the skirts are still favourites of Poppy-Isabella Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and safe travels. Enjoy your time with family and friends. Take care and God Bless. xx

meg said...

Hi Hanna, just wanted to pop in and say I love looking at your photos, the wrapping gifts under the tree is so sweet.

ringmaster said...

i love the wreath!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cool, all you are doing. Love to see the kids so industrious with everything Christmas. Love the popcorn in the trees for the birds.
Take care and bless you for your diligence in posting throughout the year, with the joy and smiles it gives us all who read it.Love you, GG

melissa said...

wow- you guys are very busy! thank you for sharing your ideas- i love the presents for the birds!
happy christmas, craftykin family. :)

christina said...

Merry Christmas, my friend.

Kristin @ Petal and Thorn said...

I love your colorful, quirky wreath!