Spring in the garden

I don't know about you, but the onset of Spring always makes me want to get out in the garden. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and flowers are popping up everywhere.

So that's exactly what we did this morning. We got out there early while the grass was still dewey and the air was crisp. We managed to get the whole garden free of weeds. And the task was made a whole lot easier thanks to our new garden tools from my Dad. Thanks Dada! Liam is very happy with his special Liam sized green spade. And pink ones for me! How cool. And thanks for all the compost too it's now all mixed into the soil and the garden is all ready for planting. Yay!
Ooh what shall we plant this year?


Gypsy said...

Yes, the garden has suddenly had a bit of a facelift here too .. but just a little one so far! I love that its nice enough to have the kids playing (and sometimes 'helping') while I can tidy and weed. Just now have to get hubby motivated to get in and do some of the heavy work - I am such a woosssy girls blouse! Definately the pink spade for me :)

Anonymous said...

Liam does look rather chuffed!
I have been in the garden alot lately too, not much sewing getting done.

kimberlee said...

i am sure there will be many upcoming gardening pictures here to come :)

Simply Vintagegirl said...

Springtime makes me want to get out in the garden, too! Liam's spade (or shovel, as we would call it) reminds me of a broom that Breezy and I had when we were young . . . it was small, had an orange handle, and was the perfect size for us!

Joyfully in Christ,
Emily Rose