Loving the easel

Liam received an easel from GG (Aaron's mum) for his birthday. It has been getting a lot of use. It sits in the lounge/dining area and both the kids go to it often during the day for a bit of a scribble and a colour. We have all sorts of lovely artworks being created, the pile is growing and I'm realising I won't be able to keep them all.
We carried it outside for a bit of messy painting on a warm winter's day. (I have to say we have had a best winter this year - so many warm sunny days like this have meant a lot of playing out on the deck - wonderful).
It didn't take Liam long to get the lids off the non-spill cups and do a bit of mixing. Nevermind. I'm glad we decided to take the easel outside.

We have had another wonderful warm winter day today. I can't believe it's Thursday already, this week has flown by. My mum has been up visiting for a few days, the kids have had a ball (it would be so lovely to have all you grandparents just down the road). She bought some special things with her for the kids which I will share just as soon as I have a chance to photograph them.
Must get off here and get dinner started and shut some doors and windows, it's getting a little cool outside now.
By the way the easel is from Ikea. I wish we had Ikea in NZ.


Kristin said...

That easel is just brilliant! I would love to know where she got it from? Just the sort of thing that would save my coffee table from being scribbled all over!!

Tamara said...

lovely! i'm treasuring my time as a mommy to a six-month-old, but this makes me excited to watch him grow in the next few years...!

Catherine said...

We have one too, and Lucy uses it pretty much every day. They're well worth the money, and anything to foster creativity and imagination is essential. Budding Monets!

Stacey said...

That's such a gorgeous big easel that will grow with the children. Sofia is doing some drawing on hers out in the conservatory in the sun as I send this message.

I know what you mean about how lovely it would be to have your Mum down the road. My parents live two hours away and sometimes that is just too far.

Heart Felt said...

Wonderful creative messey fun....good on you! x

Angie said...

we also have an easel similar to this one, it now lives out on the deck and is very paint-splattered!

I did get the pattern for those nappy covers on-line somewhere (can't recall where now!) I could email you the pattern if you want to make some.

Gypsy said...

What beautiful pictures - my 2 year old loves her easel - just a cheap wooden one we got on TM that is now covered with paint! I think the spillproof lids are a waste on time, they last all of 2 seconds around here. Isn't it lovely to be getting outside :)

Mary Beth said...

Love this. Very inspiring to get the easel out. I have no idea where the cups are, though. Hmm.