Lovely old linens

Oops didn't get around to posting a photo yesterday for the photo a day thingie.
Oh well here are four to make up for it.

One of the many things I always keep an eye out for when opp shopping are old linens. Especially teatowels and handtowels. . They are used everyday and get stained, and wear out, so I think you can never have too many. I love that I can find beautiful, quality, pure linen teatowels for only a dollar, or less. They are lovely to use and last a lot longer than new cotton towels.

Somebody must have had a bit of a clear out, as I found all these beauties at the opp shop today. And there were more too, I left some behind.

At the bottom is a lovely thick linen sheet.

Aren't these handtowels so pretty. I love the crocheted edge.

These are lovely soft Irish linen.

Ballerinas, roses and birds! Makes drying the dishes not so bad!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely collection you have found! x

Anonymous said...

That would be a first, actually getting something from the oppy that you went there for. (does that make sense??)
They are beauties all right, Im feeling a little "T.J" xx

Christine said...

I love those tea towels. What a beautiful find. I hope to build a tea towel collection one of these days. :)

Amy Seven-Stitches said...

What a beautiful load of tea towels. I envy you being able to bring yourself to use them. I am never sure where my next one is coming from (does that sound like addiction?) and hence feel I can;t risk using one up.

Jac said...

Wow! Hanna what a fantastic haul! Such gorgeous linens. It's always great when you find some amazing bargains in the op shop - clever you!

kimberlee said...

wow those are some exceptional finds. who in craft blog land doesn't love old linens?