Winter walks

I love going for walks to the beach in winter.
In the cool fresh sea air.
Wrapped up warm.
It feels so peaceful.

Liam loves finding treasures. That's what it's all about for him.

He piles up as many things as possible onto and into the pushchair.

Look another stick to take home mum!
I have to do a bit of gentle discouraging for some things. Like stinky wet seaweed.
Or REALLY big sticks. Otherwise it can get kind of out of control.

The sea air put Isla to sleep. She has had a nasty nasty tummy bug that has really knocked her. Poor wee thing.

This is the pushchair pocket collection. The big sticks are in the front garden.
"Deese my treasures mum."

These are what came home in my pocket. I can't help picking up pohutakawa leaves.
I'm always amazed at how beautiful each one is.
(hmm maybe Liam gets his treasure gathering tendencies from me).


Heart Felt said...

What a lovely adventure....I love Liam's treasures. Hope Isla is feeling better soon. xx

Gillian said...

Stinky wet seaweed is good for citrus trees. Although I don't think you're supposed to collect it in buckets like we do. Sshhh!

melissa said...

get better soon, isla!
love these pictures. winter walks are the always good for helping you to feel better. i love those treasures. x

Cut&Alter said...

The beach in winter is just the best! Love the treasures you found. I was just looking at our pohutukawa leaves today and they really are beautiful. x

Our Green Nest said...

What treasures and what lovely shots! I find it so fascinating how different our weather is right now! :)

speckled egg said...

The top picture looks so much like French Bay beach-near Titirangi, where I grew up.

Mary Beth said...

What nice treasures you both have collected! I hope the baby is feeling much better by now.

gardenmama said...

Gorgeous treasures Hanna!
I loved seeing the photo of your baby carriage, ours looks similar after a long walk : )
I think my little ones get their treasure loving ways from mama too! Feel better soon little Isla!

Anonymous said...

I love to read your posts, thankyou...
Makes me feel like I'm not missing out on too much time with my sweet & lovely little neice & nephew.
I can just hear Liam, talking about his treasures.

Liesl said...

How beautiful. So many lovely treasures found. I'm a gatherer of leaves too. I can't wait for autumn to come back around here. :)

Mouse said...

I love this--my sister and her tiny people love to collect stuff, and it turns into the most interesting little bits of art...