I love weekends : 3

Firstly a hair cut. Saturday morning. About time.

Home to make bread while the kids are in the garden with Aaron.

Liam bought me in some flowers. No prompting or anything, all his own idea. What a sweet boy!
We lauged that he's showing up his dad.

Isla bought her sipper cup in filled with stones. And poured them out on the chair.
I think I preferred the flowers.

A little bit of time to get some shop ideas out of my head.

Isla thinks she can change the needle.

Just look at these colours. Beetroot from my garden. Purple potatoes from Dada's.

Fresh bread at breakfast time on Sunday.

Chocolate chip biscuits. Made using my favourite recipe. From here.

Fellowship and bible study with friends. All the kids spread toys from one end of the house to the other.
ETA: People!!! I'm not cutting my own hair in the photo - I'm inspecting my haircut! I'm not that crazy!


Anonymous said...

Are you cutting your own hair? Is that safe!?!
Sweet littlw Liam, my boys pick me flowers too sometimes (usually when they want something!)

mee said...

Hanna - I heard you already had a go at cutting your fringe that wasn't quite 'haute-coutre'(or however you spell it). Still, feel the fear & do it anyway I guess!

kimberlee said...

what a lovely weekend. reminds me of all the comforts of home I left in order to go on this adventure.

I think cutting your own hair is just fine. :)

gardenmama said...

I love all the details to be seen in your photos, of color and vintage and lovely coziness!
Too many descriptions there ; ) *Love* this post!

gardenmama said...

...of course I mean *I* left too many descriptions in my comment...
ahem, it is late sorry!! : )

Jac said...

Ha! I'm laughing about your comment about cutting your hair. Every now and then I'll trim my fringe inbetween trips to the hairdresser! You look as though you had a busy weekend there!

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