Saying goodbye

Aaron's Gran passed away last thursday.
So we've been away for a few days attending her funeral.
A long 6+ hours drive away.
(Thankyou for being so good kiddies and enduring without too much complaining.)
Sabina Mary Hancock, aka Molly - Gran to us.
A cheerful and giggly little Italian lady with twinkly eyes.
That's how I'll remember you.
We wish you were closer and that we'd seen you more. We will miss you.

It was wonderful catching up with all of the family. A family full of cheerfulness and giggling.
We come away with sore cheeks and bellies from laughing too much.

Uncle Peter telling one of his many animated stories.

Weddings and funerals bring us together.
It should be more often than that.
Pop and Gran have lived in the same house since they were married, over 60 years ago. All four children grew up there and have bought all the many grandchildren back there, and now the great granchildren too. So many years of memories. I love visiting there. A little home that hasn't changed much in those 60 years, the family photos on top of the piano, the old doll beside the stool in the sun room, the baby footprints in the concrete path, the same things in the same place. There is something just so wonderful about it.


Anonymous said...

They sound like a really sweet family.
I know what you mean about the wedding and funeral thing, its a shame, maybe we should organise more family get togethers to spend time with the people we love so much, but dont see often enough.

sweetp said...

I'm so sorry for your loss xx

melissa said...

i'm sorry aout molly's passing. but what a lovely post- gorgeous pictures.

kimberlee said...

sorry to here about gran, very hard to say goodbye sometimes. My grandparents lived in the same house for all my childhood and it was a very special place for me. nothing ever changed there either :)