A week of yellow :: 5

Lots of yellow stripes.
Old salt and pepper shakers and egg cups.
These have come from various places over the years.
The first one out of someones rubbish!
A few from my sister Adde, she has spotted them in her travels and bought them for me to add to my collection.

This morning Isla wore her little yellow dress (from yesterday's post) on a little beach expedition. Fits perfectly.

By the way, for lots more gorgeous yellow photos from this week have a look here.


sweetp said...

Loving your gorgeous photos xx

Heart Felt said...

I have really enjoyed your yellow pics.....loved the wee dresses! x

turehutinker said...

Grandma always said "everything needs to have a little bit of yellow".( it's her favourite colour) When I make something I usually put a tiny bit in as works to bring out the design. I love these photos.
I'm looking forwards to your next colour choice :)
Love for your day. A Jos xox