Opp shop treasures

I've found all sorts of wonderful things in my opp shopping expeditions lately.
I love finding treasures.

I had been looking for some simple stacking cups for quite a while, you don't seem to be able to buy them anywhere.

I was pleased to find this set at my local opp shop. Packaging still intact, no cups missing. These must have been a grandma-and-grandad's-house toy. Surely. We now have 1 cup missing and the box has gone out with the recyling in more than one piece. I tried.

I also found these old blocks. Just Liam's kind of toy. He loves matching things. They have been stacked and sorted in all sorts of different ways. He's going to be a science/maths kind of guy I think, like his dad.

And some wooden animals (you can see them in the above picture). I'd like to get a whole lot more wooden animals for the kids.
These shoes! How could I leave them behind. Not that I'll be wearing them. I think these have been in the bottom of someone's wardrobe for a long time.

I've also found lots of good children's clothes including some organic cotton ones for Isla.
And these little hand knitted slippers. A pair each.

Oh and the best old wicker dolls pram for Isla for Christmas which I will show later. I'm just making a new mattress cover for it.

And a book which I'm going to share tomorrow as it deserves a whole post of its own.


Our Green Nest said...

What great finds!!

Heart Felt said...

Lovely finds, look forward in seeing the dolls pram. The Trade Aid shop have some lovely wooden animals...I bought a tray of lovely painted ones for the kids, they love them. xx

Jessicah said...

Great finds! We had a set of those cups...some missing of course. I remmber using them in the bath...and Grandad has those block in his toy box, I think they were his (or maybe Dad's?) when he was little! Have fun!!

Amy said...

I love those blocks. My grandparents used to have a set of them. My mother has them now and the colours and patterns are just as wonderful today.

mee said...

Great Granny would have loved those shoes, I can see her doing a bck flip in them!
Mum xoxo