Handmade gifts

I was browsing Etsy and Felt for a handmade gifts for Isla for her birthday. There is something so nice about handmade things.

But in the end I made some things for her myself.

A box (well actually bag) of birds.

I was going to add some wings, but then I decided I like the simplicity of them.

They are made out of all natural materials. Linen, hemp, cotton and wool. Wonderful textures. They are stuffed with wool.

They all live in this little cotton bag.

They were fun to make. I'm going to make some for the shop when I've crossed off some of my other things to do.

And these dancing bells. Which have had a lot of jingling and jangling already.

Isla was also lucky enough to open another beautiful handmade gift on her birthday morning.
This too sweet teddy bear from her Aunty Frith. Isn't it just the cutest.

I love how she is all stitched up with pink thread.

We haven't thought of a name for her yet. But she has had lots of squeezy cuddles already.


Heart Felt said...

I love the bag of birds! Fantastic idea, very simple but lovely. I love coming here for inspiration. I will keep an eye for them on Felt. Will you have them ready for Xmas? xx

speckled egg said...

What lovely gifts! I've made dancing wands many times in the past-similar to your idea only on a stick- children just love them!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous birds, I love them! They would make great stocking stuffers :)

turehutinker said...

Hey Hanna what a cool gift. Everyone needs a bag of birds.
Today I have been having a bird day too.Must be the noise they are making in those trees lately. My bird I decided is going to wear a hat...of course.
I couldn't quite decide on the shape so I made a cushion today instead.
Friths teddy is adorable.