I'm reminded why I love...

Opp shopping so much.
With my new pledge to not start anything new until the half finished things are done, I'm slowly clearing off my WIP tray.

And I just uncovered these wee pants that I totally forgot about. My cute super soft hand knitted cotton pants that I picked up for $1 about 2 months ago. $1 for this hand knitted lovlieness. They had a tiny hole in the back so I've just stitched it up and they are good to go.

I love opp shops.


Heart Felt said...

They are lovely, would love to get my hands on those! ;) xx

Anonymous said...

Me Toooo, I loovvveee oppshops!

Lori said...

i have the loveliest little matching bonnet and jacket that someone (probably a loving grandma!) crocheted for a wee baby .. so wee that no baby i've ever known could ever wear them, but they're still beautiful. :^)