Wonderful ginger

My Friend Carla has been talking about making ginger crunch, and I must say I was a little tempted to make some myself but I've kind of decided to stop making so many sweet bad-for-me biscuits.

But then she gave me some of her ground ginger, and oh my, this stuff is good.
Her mum gets it from a little Indian grocery shop down the road, (I think I'm right on this?) anyway, she explained to me where it is so I know where to get some more, which is the important thing. This stuff smells amazing, it's not like any supermarket ground ginger, it's strong and spicy and sweet smelling and makes you want to sneeze. I left it sitting out on the kitchen bench with the lid off so it's smell might waft around the house.

So of course this all means that we had to make ginger crunch (and we'll start our no sweet bad-for-me biscuits diet next week.)

Here it is sitting on the bench waiting to cool a bit more so I can cut it up. I thought I better just try a piece. Are you thinking those crumbs look a bit pale? I was thinking that too. Didn't take me long to realise I'd left the oven on grill! For about the millionth time in my life! You'd think I'd learn. Oh well, it's still cooked through and tastes great, just a bit more cakey than crunchy.

And I'd just like to say that my neighbour has just run down the driveway fence with his weed trimmer and chopped off my just about to flower daffodils! I think I shall be getting my little spade out and doing some bulb moving.


Nikki Elisabeth said...


Mouth definitely watering.

You are killing me with all these pictures of delicious looking biscuits! Soon I'll be planning a 'no bad biscuits' diet too. :)

melissa said...

oh dear- poor little daffodils!
that ginger crunch looks amazing. thank you for reminding me about that! my nana used to make it all through my childhood, and it's such a 'taste of home' for me.
i like your idea to start the no-sugar diet next week- perhaps i'll do that too.

Anonymous said...

Men and their weedeaters eh? I have a father who used to do that regularly to my mothers about-to-flower-plants. If it didn't have a flower atop it-it was a weed!

turehutinker said...

Hi. Aunty Jos here. Made some of those delicious Grammy choc bisc. They are made with spelt so I can eat oodles as they are so healthy ha ha.
Well I have weedeaters that reach trhrough ad trim my plants too. They are called cows. Possum trimmers have also been at work recently eating my hibiscus.