Things to give

I just realised I forgot to say happy birthday to my dad on here. So happy Birthday Dada for the 19th!

I bought him this neat little tool for making paper seedling pots from Ecostore. I thought I better try it out first (he he), you can see the little pots I made in the previous post. It works really well, it's great because you can just put the whole seedling into the soil when it's ready and the paper pot will just compost down. I also put in some seeds for him from my stash. My dad is a bit of a whizz when it comes to the vege garden, he always has an abundant healthy looking patch.

And more on the gifting front, I've just made this blanket for a very special wee girl.

Her name is Amber-Rose Hope and she will be born on Wednesday. Her future is a little uncertain as her heart is not very well. I prayed as I stitched this blanket together for her, perhaps you could pray for her too.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet little blanket you've made, you really are a beautiful person.
Hope Dada dos'nt check your blog this morning as he hasnt quite got his bday pressy yet.

Sally Anne said...

Hi Hanna, thank you for your kind comments on my blog. I think the seedling maker tool is a great gift and I think I shall have to visit Ecostore for my xmas pressies this year. I hope all will be well for little Amy Rose.

Anonymous said...

Love the finished quilt Hanna and I am certain it will be a treasured gift. Little Amy Rose Hope has lots of love and prayers supporting her as she makes her entrance into the world and a heavenly Father who loves her the most.